Tuesday, March 24, 2015

When Spring doesn't look like Spring and Slavery doesn't look like Slavery

Well here it is a few days after the official day of spring and we are shoveling ice and snow.  Pretty typical for Colorado actually.  It's a case of Spring not really looking like our definition of Spring. That is the same as it is with slavery.  Our definition is typically people in chains or behind fences being forced to do hard labor. However, there is so many other kinds of slavery, ones that don't even look like slavery from the outside.  Bonded labor is one of those situations.  The men, women and children that are working look like they are in a normal working environment.  It can be anything from cleaning rooms, building fences, sewing, dyeing silk or a brothel.  They sometimes get paid but not enough to ever get on their own feet, or they are told they have to work till their debt is paid which never happens.  Here is another organization that is helping.  It is called Restore International and they work all over the world to get people out of these situations. They get them healed, trained and back on their feet.  Check it out on this link http://restoreinternational.org/ and join them or us at HOPE.  What ever you do, keep fighting for freedom for those who cannot fight for themselves!

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